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Riding a jet ski is a fun and exciting way to enjoy the water during hot weather. These motorized, personal-size watercraft are commonly found for rent near many water fronts; they are quite accessible due to their ease of use, affordability, and low maintenance. However, injuries due to jet ski accidents are common; many jet ski injuries are serious and some can even lead to death.

The number of annual jet ski accidents has increased in the United States due to their availability and the lack of protection afforded the driver of the jet ski. Jet skiers are usually not wearing more than a bathing suit or life jacket while on board.

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causes of jet ski accidents

Jet skiing is a popular activity all over the United States; almost any river, lake, ocean, or other large body of water is perfect for enjoying jet skiing. As with any recreational activity though, there are risks involved. Accidents involving jet skis can be catastrophic and sometimes fatal.

Some of the most dangerous accidents involve other people in the water or the jet ski capsizing. Jet skis can also collide with swimmers, boats, docks, or other watercrafts; the chances of this happening increases substantially if the driver is inexperienced or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In addition to these, there can be many other potential causes of jet ski accidents; if any of the examples above or below have happened to you, contact one of our accident lawyers immediately so that we can assess your claim.

Operator Inexperience

If the driver or operator of the jet ski is inexperienced in driving watercrafts, then this can increase the likelihood that an accident will happen. While jet skis are supposed to be easy to use, most drivers have had no prior experience in operating a jet ski or watercraft. Most jet ski rental companies do not provide proper training in operating the jet ski or basic water safety precautions.

If someone has collided with you due to their inexperience in operating a jet ski and they were reckless or careless about it, then you might have a claim for damages. Our personal injury lawyers, available to clients nationwide, will be able to help you figure out whether you have a viable lawsuit against the jet ski driver.

Violation of Rules

Violating the rules of the body of water you are in and/or those set in place by the state you are in can give rise to a lawsuit if someone is injured. Guidelines against speeding or reckless operation should be made clear, but people should also exercise their common sense judgment. Those who failed to follow the rules or acted recklessly and caused injury to you could be liable to you for your injuries.

Boating Under the Influence

Boating under the influence (BUI) is illegal in every state and includes both the use of drugs and alcohol. This law covers watercraft activities, which include any type of boat or water transportation device, including jet skis. Alcohol is one of the biggest contributing factors in jet ski accidents because so many people choose to add alcohol to outdoor recreational activities.

Alcohol affects your judgment, balance, and coordination, even if only small amounts are consumed. There is no safe level of alcohol for operating motor vehicles or watercrafts.

Consuming alcohol on a watercraft is even more dangerous because if the rider falls into the water, their chance of drowning increases. While a BUI is a criminal charge, if someone injures you due to their BUI, you may have a civil claim against them for personal injury. A personal injury attorney will be able to help you determine if you have a case.

Mechanical Defects

Equipment that is negligently designed or defective in some way could make operating a jet ski more dangerous and lead to an accident. If there is a mechanical defect that caused your jet ski accident, our accident attorneys can help investigate the jet ski equipment by speaking with experts on watercrafts to help identify all of the potentially liable parties.


Inclement weather on the water could also make jet ski accidents more likely to happen. Storms on the water can cause larger waves if you are in the ocean, or they may affect visibility. If a jet ski rider chooses to ride in poor weather and causes injury to you, they might be liable to you.

why are jet ski accidents so common?

Jet skis are readily available to the public and can be found near any body of water for sale or for rent. They do not require any special training or license to operate, so many people will not have the appropriate experience before riding a jet ski. Jet skis can also operate at high speeds, some up to 60 mph or more; high speeds can create a loss of control of the jet ski and increase the chances of a collision, flipping over, or falling over.

Jet skis also do not have the ability to brake on the water. Instead of braking, the jet ski rider has to know when to reduce the speed and avoid hazards or when to increase the speed and turn away from hazards. Mastering this kind of skill takes practice for most riders.

While wearing a life jacket can help prevent drowning, there is no protective equipment or gear that can prevent injury if you suffer a collision with another jet ski or make impact with the water at a high speed. Injuries resulting from an impact can be severe and jet ski riders have a risk of being ejected from their watercraft because there are no safety mechanisms like seat belts in place.

types of injuries that are common in jet ski accidents

Drowning is the most common cause of death in any recreational activity that occurs on the water, for obvious reasons. Other serious injuries can include brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, broken bones, soft tissue damage, or lacerations. These injuries can occur if you fall off of a jet ski or if another jet ski driver collides with you.

Wearing a life jacket at all times while on a jet ski can decrease the chance of drowning. It is necessary to wear a life jacket every single time you ride a jet ski because jet ski accidents sometimes happen so quickly that a person does not have time to put a life jacket on. Life jackets save the lives of over 80 percent of boating accident victims.

what about jet ski accident compensation?

Injuries in the water can become deadly quickly because of the risk of drowning. If you are injured and fall into the water, your injuries could prevent you from being able to swim or reach safety. This is just one reason why jet ski accidents are so serious and can cause such extensive harm.

Your injuries can lead to lots of medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and other damages that can all be financially compensated for. Even near-drownings can cause permanent damage to the brain due to being without oxygen for too long. You can recover for any present and future damages associated with your jet ski injuries, including the costs of long-term care or therapy for any psychological stress because of the accident.

Drowning that leads to the wrongful death of a loved one can also lead to financial compensation in some circumstances. The person or party responsible for the loss of your loved one could be liable for burial costs, funeral costs, or any medical treatment received by the accident victim prior to the person’s death.

Water Safety tips

Most accidents involving jet skis can be prevented. Accidents caused by the negligence of other riders who operate their jet skis aggressively or recklessly cannot always be prevented, however; even if you are a responsible jet ski rider, the actions of others cannot be controlled so you might not be able to avoid accidents completely. Some of the safety tips below could prevent or reduce injuries when you are on the water.

  • Always wear a life jacket.
  • Be aware of basic water safety.
  • Be aware of other jet skis or boats around you.
  • Make sure your jet ski is in proper working order before riding.
  • Operate your jet ski only in the designated area allowed.
  • Report riders who seem to be under the influence or driving erratically.
  • Stay clear of other riders who appear to be riding recklessly.

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